Janus International brings the world to you.

At Janus International, our mission is to provide global participants a cultural exchange program that helps you gain the gain the necessary skills to succeed in today's global economy. Our commitment is to treat every participant with honesty and integrity, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience while visiting America or traveling abroad.

We work closely with over 20 overseas partner agencies and major hotel, theme park, national park, restaurant and resort employers to provide J-1 visa participants with a valuable cultural exchange experience and companies with a reliable seasonal staffing resource of quality, hospitality-oriented employees.

Our intern programs provide qualified, highly motivated international college graduates in the hospitality field with a valuable training opportunity of up to 12 months in the United States.  J-1 visa participants benefit through “hands-on” training and experience at selected companies for valuable career-building opportunities, with the necessary

arrangements and ongoing support that is important to program success provided by Janus International.

For American students, special opportunities have been arranged to experience unique overseas travel adventures, while helping in a variety of programs established to share your efforts and skills to benefit local communities worldwide.

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