Providing you the adventure of a lifetime

Janus International works closely with over 20 overseas partner agencies and major hotel, theme park, national park, restaurant and resort employers in the United States to provide J-1 visa participants  a valuable cultural exchange experience.

We are a leader in international recruitment and a major staffing resource for companies, both small and large. Each year we recruit thousands of J-1 visa program participants for hotels, stores, restaurants, resorts and amusement parks around the world and all across the U.S.

Our team has extensive experience working with immigration, visas and embassies to implement international work and training programs. We have built relationships with established partners in over 35 countries and we are a designated Work/Travel visa sponsor by the U.S. Department of State.

The J-1 visa “Work and Travel Program” allows international college students to visit and work legally in the U.S. for a period of up to 4 months. Janus International handles all details of pre-screening, recruitment, visa approval and participant orientation, including overseas Job Fairs that are

free to J-1 applicants and our employers. You can rely upon our established reputation for the extra support you need to successfully participate in this program for the Spring, Winter or Summer seasons.

We are pleased to announce that Janus International is now a Designated Program Sponsor for Internship positions lasting 6, 9 or 12 months in the specialized field of Hospitality and Tourism in Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions such as National Parks and Theme Parks.

Highly motivated, dynamic and career oriented Intern applicants from different countries are being screened and interviewed to make sure that all the basic Janus International Internship Eligibility Requirements are met:

  1. A Post Secondary student or a recent graduate of less than a year with a degree in Hospitality or Tourism Management, Culinary and other related fields
  2. Be between 21 – 30 years old
  3. Prior experience and successful completion of J-1 Work and Travel Program
  4. Speak, read and understand conversational English at an advanced level

All Housing is Pre-Arranged by Us

In coordination with J-1 employers, Janus International works hard to pre-arrange housing for all Janus-sponsored participants.  Most employer housing has been established at affordable rates of $11.00 + tax per day.  Some employers also add discounted meal plans or other options.  Typically, all rooms are furnished and include a separate bathroom.  Most housing includes cable TV, telephone access, microwave and/or refrigerator, utilities, internet access, linens, towels, air conditioning, swimming pool and other amenities, depending on the location.  Check the individual housing details section of the employer information for specific information.

Free or Low-Cost Transportation to Your Job

We will coordinate arrangements with you for transportation from the nearest bus station or airport, so you can reduce travel costs. You will receive an email with details on getting to your housing and job. Most  housing is located at or very close to our hotels, and you can walk, ride a bike or take a low-cost shuttle  or bus to work .  We also help you in arranging transportation to the Social Security office.

Toll-free Hotline to Your Local Program Coordinator

Prior to your arrival, we will provide you with a toll-free phone number to answer your questions and to help you if you should run into any problems during your stay.  You can also always use our "" email address to send us your inquiry or questions.

Career Training Opportunities

Most of our jobs are in Hotels, Restaurants and Theme Parks that will provide you with free training in the Hospitality industry.  If you are thinking of working in a Hotel, Restaurant or Theme Park in the future, these jobs will be an excellent start for you, and we will provide a Certificate of Program Participation and Recommendation for you upon successful completion of your WAT Program to help you start your career using the experience you have obtained.  For exceptional students, we may also offer an 18 month "Internship Training" opportunity at one of our Hotels/Restaurants/Theme Parks after you graduate, or invite you to return for another WAT Program to work for us in the future.

Jobs for Students Who Have Limited English Fluency

If your English fluency is only at a basic level, we have a large number of Housekeeping jobs that do not require a high level of English speaking ability.  These jobs are not the "easiest" we have, but they allow you to earn an hourly rate without having to pay for an additional language course prior to your participation in the WAT program. You will also be able to improve your English during your stay by talking and listening to our customers and guests.  For all jobs, we recommend that you spend extra time practicing your English skills before arriving.  Employers may need to change your job based on your English level upon arrival.

Paychecks Provided Prior to Getting Your Social Security Number

It can often take a month or more to get your SS # after you have visited the SS office. Many employers will provide your first paycheck on the first payday after they have your "Proof of Application" letter from your visit to the SS office.  The SS Administration requires that you wait 10 days after arrival to apply for your #.

Due to these requirements, it may take 4-5 weeks to get your first paycheck, so we require that you bring at least $750-$1,000 from home to cover your first month expenses and any unexpected "emergencies."

Special opportunities have been arranged for U.S. citizens to experience unique overseas travel adventures, while helping in a variety of programs established to share your efforts and skills to benefit local communities worldwide.

Let our experienced staff work to find the appropriate overseas program that matches your availability, interest and the destination you seek for a rewarding volunteer program placement, combined with an unforgettable journey overseas.

Janus International handles the necessary arrangements you need to become involved and participate in worthwhile projects in the areas and countries that interest you.  Visa application, project selection, travel arrangements, housing and ongoing support services are provided to help you achieve a memorable travel and volunteer “opportunity of a lifetime.”

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